Ghostwriting Scandals—and How to Avoid Them


Many authors work with ghostwriters. It’s a perfectly accepted practice in the publishing world, and a great way to write a book and get it published when you have a […]

Why You Should Go To Writers’ Conferences

Writers’ conferences are gatherings of authors, editors, agents, and other literary professionals. They’re a chance to network with people in the publishing industry, and an opportunity to learn more about […]

Five Notable Ghostwritten Books

Do you think it’s unusual for an author to work with a ghostwriter? Well, think again. Some of the most successful books have been written by or in collaboration with […]

How Working with an Editor Can Help You Find Your Voice

If you’ve never worked with an editor before, it can be a daunting experience. What if they don’t understand what it is you want to say? What if they change […]

Making Your Writing Sound Like You: Three Tips for Finding Your Voice

Many aspiring writers struggle with finding their writerly voice. That is to say, they find it challenging to write in a way that reflects who they are.

As Cris Freese at […]

Memoirs and Autobiographies: The Next Step for Successful Leaders and Public Figures

Successful leaders and well-established public figures often seem like they’ve reached the top of their fields. But when you’ve attained wide recognition, influence, and maybe even a fan base, what’s […]

Five Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing

English grammar is notoriously difficult, but writing is a crucial skill in the workplace. While an in depth study of grammar and writing conventions would certainly help anyone become a […]

Show, Don’t Tell

“Show and tell” probably conjures up fond memories of kindergarten fun (even if the exercise was a sneaky way to teach you public speaking skills). The two words have been […]

Author Spotlight: Flannery O’Connor

Life of a Storyteller

Born in 1925 in Savannah, Georgia, Flannery O’Connor is considered one of the greatest American short story writers of the 20th century. She attended the Georgia State […]

Ghostwriting, Artists, and the Myth of Genius

When most of us think of the term “artist,” we think of a very specific type of person. The cultural image of an artist (anything from a painter, to a […]

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